Nigel McCree

Nigel McCree

2010 ADL Enviro 200,Euro5. 36

36 seats with 3 tip ups.

21 Standees. 57 total capacity.

New re-trim

New Access ramp.

New re-paint to white.

New MOT.

Mileages circa 300 000kms.

Mobitech Destination display.

£45 000 + vat.

Choice of 4.

2000 IVECO BEULAS Euro rider. 53

53 Belted seats.

6 speed manual gear box

Crew seat. Radio & PA

Curtains. electric lockers

MOT 19/04/19

£9,500 plus VAT

Clean Tidy & straight.

2007 Mercedes Benz 616 D. Unvi Riada. 16

Automatic Gears. Digital Tacho.

16 luxury leather reclining seats with lap belts

Seat back tables and magazine racks.

Power point chargers. Reading lights.

Overhead blowers to each seat.

Tinted windows. curtains & carpet

Reversing camera. Forced Air ventilation.

CD, radio, PA, DVD and 1 monitor

Large boot capacity

MOT 24/04/18

Mileage 305713

£20,000 plus VAT

Very nice condition.

2006 Scania K114EB4, Irizar Century 49

49 Luxury reclining belted seats.

ZF Automatic gears. Euro4.

Exec pack inc A/C, DVD, W/C.

Mot 05.05.19

Mileage is 657788 miles, low usage.

Reduced to £35 000 + vat.

Most Excellent condition.

2012 SCANIA K340 IRIZAR i6. Euro5 49/53

NO W/C in this Coach.

2 Pedal Opticruise

49 Recliners with leather Headrests, Grab Handles, Magazine Nets.

Courier Seat, 3 Point Seat Belts

Air Conditioning

Tinted Double Glazed Windows  + Curtains

Rear Emergency / Continental Door

N/S Wheelchair Lift

Tracking for 1 Wheelchair

2 sets of spare seats to make 53.

DVD + 1 Monitor

CD Radio PA

Reverse Camera + Dashboard Monitor

246 000 KMS Only....

£110 950 + vat

In very good condition.

2008 Scania K340EB4 Auto, Irizar Century 49. Euro4.

49 Reclining Luxury 3 Pt belted seats, Leather Headrests,

Grab Handles, Cup Holders & Footrests.

Exec pack inc A/C, DVD 1 Monitor.

Centre sunken  W/C. Webastow.

Boiler, Fridge. Reverse camera.

Tinted windows. Power Mid conti door.

Powered Locker doors.


YN08 DFC 991748 kms,

YN08 DFD 853297 kms,

YN08 DFE 856146 kms.

£55 000+ VAT ovno

Incredible condition.

Choice of 3. Deal offer for all 3 !

Choice of 3. Deal offer for all 3 !

2002 Neoplan Tourliner 49

49 lap belted seats.

AS Tronic gears.

Peage window to crew seat.

OS Centre conti door.

Mid mounted sunken w/c

Video/DVD + front mounted monitor.

Reverse camera fitted.

£17500 + vat ovno

2006 ADL Super Dart. East Lancs Myllennium 39

39 HIGH BACK seats with 26 standees, 65 capacity


6 Cylinder cummins, Euro3, with Euro4 CRT.

RPC can be retested.

MOT 02.05.18. 316 000 Miles recorded.

£15 000 + vat.

Well maintained, in VGC.

2009 Scania K340 Auto, Caetano Levante. 70 Seats. Euro 5.

Euro 5 engine.

NEW COGENT, 70 , 3 point belted seats.

Or 66 seats plus one wheelchair.

Full Saloon Aircon.

Wheelchair lift to front entrance.

MOT July 2018.

£70 000+ VAT

Superb condition.

Option for Euro6/ ULEZ. Call or email for more detail.

If you have a concern that your Euro 4 or 5 vehicle will need to be changed to meet Londons Euro 6, LEZ standard.

Worry no more, you do not need to buy a new vehicle, Green Urban Technologies have an SCRT retrofit system that will make your vehicle compliant.

Call 01805 625146 for more details or email your vehicle details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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